About Chloe...

Born in Tucson, Arizona, Chloe Kay has been singing since she could speak, and has been writing songs since she was a young teenager.


Chloe is emblematic of a classically inspired singer. Though she takes inspiration from artists of many eras from Patsy Cline to Stevie Nicks, she is influenced most heavily by the late jazz and blues singing queen Ella Fitzgerald. The lyrics and melodies Chloe writes grasp at the hearts of listeners, forcing her audience to confront their deepest and most guarded emotions. Chloe's songs are drawn from feelings and moments in her life long journey of self-discovery through music, and encourage introspection in the deepest and most neglected corners of one's mind.


Her timeless style is buoyed by her classic-rock inspired band, who she has been singing and performing alongside extensively while in high school back in Tucson, developing chemistry built only by extensive time and practice.

Today, Chloe is based out of Atlanta, Georgia, performing at local venues with increasing frequency as requests and crowd approval continue to rise. Chloe looks to expand her presence as a regular performer to Nashville, Tennessee (where her band currently resides), as well as becoming a nationwide participant in music festivals.

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