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Based in Atlanta, GA, Chloe Kay has been singing since she was a child, and has been writing songs since she was a young teenager.


Pulling influence from golden age jazz vocalists and a formative theatrical background, as well as the sea of indie sounds she has swam in since adolescence, Chloe creates her unique sound by weaving together dreamy melodies and poignant lyrics.  Most importantly, she pulls from the experiences of her life, writing all her songs first alone with a guitar.  She stays open with production, sometimes playing with her band, all of whom she sang alongside while in high school back in Tucson where they are all originally from, and other times working with producers to build out tracks.  No matter what, the songs she writes and her voice remain the through line and the constant.  

Chloe is currently releasing with the international indie music label Moonlit Music Group, originating from The Islands of the Bahamas and released her debut album, That Time, in 2018.  In 2021 she released a collection of electronic indie-pop singles, and is currently working on her second album which promises immense growth both as a musician and a writer.      

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